About Great Lakes Pharmacy

At Great Lakes Pharmacy, we want to be the pharmacy for all of our customers’ healthcare needs. We are a full service pharmacy offering prescription and over-the-counter medications, compounding services, vaccine administration and individualized private medication consultations. These private consultations are better known as medication therapy management (MTM) that are conducted with our customers and/or their families. These MTM services will help to simplify the taking of medications as well as to ensure that you are taking the correct medications prescribed by your physician(s). The goals of our consultations are:

  • To ensure that the medications that you are taking are accurate
  • To ensure that there are no interactions between your medications
  • To ensure that you are taking your medications correctly
  • To simplify and assist you in remembering to take your medications

Our overall goal at Great Lakes Pharmacy is to help make a true difference in the lives of the people we serve.

Kelly Burke Malkamaki, RPh

Pharmacy Manager

Malkamaki is a graduate of Duquesne University in Pittsburgh where she earned her Bachelor of Science Degree in Pharmacy. She did the majority of her internships at independently owned pharmacies in Pennsylvania before moving to Cleveland to work for a chain pharmacy. She knew that she loved working with people but was not sure if the larger pharmacies could offer the type of attention to the patients that she wanted to give.

Malkamaki gained further experience working at The Cleveland Clinic Foundation and Hytree/Hytech Pharmacy in Mentor, Ohio where she earned a true love for the community practice of pharmacy. She spent the last eight years in specialty pharmacy focusing on oncology, HIV, Hepatitis C, end stage renal disease and various other chronic disease states. Malkamaki is excited to “come home” and practice pharmacy in a community that needs an independent pharmacy that can offer a multitude of services that focuses on patient care and above all, the delivery of superior customer service.

Michael Malkamaki

Business Manager

Malkamaki is from Lake County and attended Lakeland College. He comes with a wealth of knowledge from being involved with his own family businesses and has many years of experience in sales, marketing and business. Malkamaki’s hard work and dedication behind the scenes was instrumental in getting this pharmacy to open its doors.